The story of a Californian surfer’s adventures and the waves which landed him on a beach in China.

The story of Shinta Mani Loong Bay begins with a young man called Alex who grew up on the beaches of California. His childhood home was a classic American Beach House, leading him to a quintessential Cali childhood, with days spent on the water surfing, boogie boarding and fishing, or equally active on land – skateboarding, rollerblading, mountain biking, playing basketball… the list goes on. As he grows up Alex becomes a journalist for SURF magazine and writes about surf spots all over the world – and soon itches to see them for himself.

He sells off most of his surfboard collection and buys a boat, beginning a solo trip around the world to find its best surf beaches – from Hawaii to Brazil, the Scottish Isles to Morocco, Sri Lanka to Australia, and finally… China. A fellow surfer tips him off about a picture-perfect beach called Loong Bay, known to few, which he can’t miss. He falls in love with the bay and can’t seem to leave. There he meets the owner of the beach – an architect named Zhang, who’s son, a student of architecture in America, sends him photos of the iconic Californian Beach House. Having grown up in such a home, Alex and Zhang become fast friends and bond over their love of the Californian lifestyle and, to Alex’s surprise, surfing too!

Together they decide to bring that verve to Loong Bay: in this hidden corner of China’s coast, American Beach Houses are dotting along the sand in a way which preserves the natural wildlife and foliage, while the water is home to a breeding ground for fish. Kids and adults alike surf, skate and boogie board under the sunshine – it is a little slice of California on the other side of the world.


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